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Health insurance plans, also known as medical, are a type of insurance agreement that covers you against medical and surgical bills which can be very expensive in the Philippines, most people would not have enough savings to cover a large operation if one was needed, this is why private health insurance is so important because it will in most cases give you compensation to cover your medical expenses and keep your hard earned savings intact. 
Your employer might already be paying monthly premiums or deducting a payroll tax to cover your Philhealth insurance plan contributions so that you can receive basic health care benefits.
As the policy holder you should ask your employer about your insurance agreement if you have one to get details on your benefits coverage, what premium payments are being deducted from your pay check each month and what you are covered for e.g. sickness, injury, maternity leave etc. 
Philhealth is a great first step to protecting yourself from large medical bills, however Philhealth insurance plans usually only cover a small percentage of the total bill.
This is why people choose to get additional private medical insurance so that they are fully covered but it can be confusing trying to compare policies from providers and trying to find the best health insurance quote.
This is why Money Monster searches and compares the best providers in the Philippines so you can easily choose what type of health insurance plan suits you from one of the major insurers such as sunlife, bluecross, philamlife, medicard or maxicare.  
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