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Compare medical and health insurance with Money Monster to find out if you can get a cheaper health insurance quote today.

Basic health insurance such as philhealth and sss are a great help but many Filipinos prefer to protect themselves further by getting a full private health insurance plan or medical plan. We help you compare the insurance market by detailing points such as the maximum benefit limit, inpatient care, emergency care and your monthly premiums so you can find the best health insurance plan.

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    If you want to find the best health insurance quote in the Philippines it can be a confusing task trying to compare different policies, learning how to calculate monthly premiums and trying to figure out what exactly each policy will cover you for in the event of becoming sick or injured and faced with large medical bills

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance, also called travelers insurance, is supposed to cover your medical expenses while you are travelling. There are domestic insurances, as well as international packages for global coverage. So make sure you consider your future traveling plans when contracting insurance. Besides coverage of most medical expenses insurance companies also offer financial compensation for flight delays, loss of baggage and other unfavorable circumstances.

What Kind of Travel Insurance Do I Need?

The kind of travel insurance you need depends on your future travel plans, whether they are for travel or for business. You can either chose to contract an annual plan or for a single trip. In addition, we recommend checking your destinations. Some plans exclude international trips.

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